Sunday, May 25, 2008

Such a small dog, such a large amount of puppies!!

Cha Cha has officially given birth to 10, that's right, 10 little pups. Liz saw them a couple of days ago at Dr. Ramos' and was able to grab some pictures for us. So far, everyone's in the clear. However, it's a bit risky to keep them at the vet's office while they are so young, since they are so susceptible to any ailment that may come through. We don't, unfortunately, have a foster home for them, and Dr. Ramos has agreed to look after them at his clinic.

Cha Cha and her pups do not have a sponsor yet, and we sure could use some financial help these days. Not including the fact that they will have to be boarded at Dr. Ramos' for two months, each pup will need his or her shots, fecal tests and treatment, and all the rest. In sum, they will be quite an expensive bunch. If you feel so inclined, please click the donate button on this blog and contribute what you can.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Four satos need sponsors!!!!

As for our four remaining Los Machos satos that are currently at Dr. Ramos':

Annie is doing great, healthy, silly, and happy, as always.

Nugget (pictured on the left, next to Cha Cha) is still a little sweetheart, and is being treated for ehrlichia. She will be just fine.

Cha Cha is going to pop any day now...keep your fingers crossed for healthy pups!!

Mouse is now being fostered by Nydia Brondo of ADLA. He's a healthy little chunk of love and will be ready for St. Hubert's in the very near future.

As of now, there is no scheduled trip to St. Hubert's. Whenever the next trip is, we're hoping to include Annie, Nugget, Mouse, and Blondie (we do not have results from her biopsy yet). I'll keep you updated. We are still gladly accepting donations for all of our recently rescued satos. Please, donate what you can!!!

Miss Blondie (most likely dumped after her past owner found out she had tumors that needed to be removed from her vagina) is dying to be done with chemotherapy and so ready to go "home," wherever and whenever that may be.
Donations to help pay for her medical expenses would be greatly appreciated!

Very gratefully,

Thursday, May 15, 2008

We miss you already, Bella

Our little Bella could not battle through her developed case of canine parvovirus. Dr. Ramos let us know earlier today that she had passed. He said she did not seem to show signs of suffering during her last days. Well, she got some lovin' before she died, at least.

Rest in peace, Bella.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sponsors Needed for our FIVE LMB satos!!!

So I am officially back in Puerto Rico and ready to write a decent blog entry!!! To pick up where I left of last time, Liz and I rescued five dogs from Los Machos Beach last Wednesday, May 7. One of the primary goals of the trip was to pick up the recently sponsored Gizmo, but he was nowhere to be found. We haven't given up on him yet, but I was definitely disappointed that he missed his chance to leave the beach last week.

When we arrived, I actually did not see the usual suspects near the Avis parking lot. In general, the dog activity level was at an unusual low, though we did get there mid-day, and the heat could've been a factor. The most active area was near the fish market, where I usually don't even go. Why? Well, the six to seven dogs that dominate the fish market parking lot are "watched over" by local fishermen and restaurant regulars. In fact, before launching this blog, I was told two or three of the dogs that hang out there belonged to someone. My theory, prior to last week, was that it would be best/most helpful to rescue those satos that didn't have someone to watch over them as consistently. Regardless, we ended up taking two dogs from this protected area, and their "watchers" were happy to let us take them to a safer place.

The lucky five that made it the car with us last Wednesday are all currently living and being cared for at Dr. Ramos'... however, none of these sweethearts has a sponsor as of yet. Two of the five of these rescues seem to be pretty healthy considering, though Cha Cha and Bella (see below for more details of each of the rescues) can be classified as extra-special cases. Can you help???

Cha Cha: This pregnant girl waddled right up to us. Lucky for her, Dr. Ramos agreed to keep her at his clinic until she gives birth and until her babies are old enough to get their shots and be sent stateside. She should pop any day now!!!

Nugget: While I call every dog "nugget" and/or "love chunk," this dog retained "nugget" as her name for just being such a lovable and sweet nugget...golden nugget, that is. A local mentioned Nugget was recently pregnant, though we are having her x-rayed to make sure.

Bella: Named to offset her mangy appearance, Bella is full of life, energy, and affection, yet she has a lot to recover from beyond her demodectic mange. Bella, as we just found out, has canine parvovirus, and Dr. Ramos is doing everything he can to save her. When a volunteer with us pointed her out to me at Los Machos, I thought she was nearly dead, laying on a piece of foam mattress near the beach...with 5 seconds of sweet talk, she was up shaking her butt and wanting love. Hang in there, Bella!

Annie and I: You remember this sweet sata face don't you!?! Well, we scooped her was her turn, I guess. As I've mentioned before, Annie is an extremely docile, playful, and grateful little girl that is so easily going to assimilate into the housebroken life when given the chance.

Mouse and Liz: As we were driving out of the Los Machos Beach "rescue area," Liz saw one last rescue candidate trotting across the street. Small, adorable, and so easy to handle in every way, Mouse just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Please, let me know if any of these darlings strikes a chord with you. Each one of these dogs pulled really hard on our heart strings, and we just couldn't leave the beach without them. In time, these saved satos will be shipped most likely to St. Hubert's and put up for adoption.

Currently, the Los Machos Beach Project has exhausted all its funds to pay for past and current rescues including Blondie, who is still undergoing chemotherapy. Dr. Ramos just spayed her and noticed another tumor in her general reproductive area. He decided to take a biopsy of her tumor to answer more questions about her condition. We have only received enough donations to cover a bit of her already approaching $1000 vet bill. Obviously, we never know entirely what we are getting ourselves into when we pick up any stray animal, but figure each one deserves a shot. And if I learned anything from my experience with Dakota, regardless of how grim the circumstances may seem, these abandoned and abused animals are tough cookies.

In sum, we are in a bit of bind: SPONSORS WANTED!!!!

On another note, I have to admit that I was relieved during my time in California with respect to animal welfare. Seeing Los Machos Beach last week for the first time in a month "got me down," to say the least. Last Wednesday, I came home exhausted and overwhelmed, once again, and simply felt that my efforts were scratching the surface of this vast issue we are faced with here in Puerto Rico. We need to do more...don't worry, we're working on it. Still, five more dogs will get to experience life the way a dog should: with an endless supply of human love and dog biscuits.

Well, keep your thoughts on Bella, who is battling through canine parvovirus as we speak. She's a special little girl. I know, I know...they all are.

Glad to be back,

p.s. This picture was just sent to me... a "Happy Foster Mother's Day" card from Dakota. Thanks for remembering me, Kota!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

ADLA-style rescue mission!!!

I am about 10 minutes away from leaving my apartment to go to South Carolina for 5 days, but wanted to give you all a brief summary of yesterday's events.

Liz and I rescued 5 Los Machos satos yesterday on our whirlwind tour of both Dead Dog Beach in Yabucoa and Los Machos Beach in Ceiba. Of those I've blogged before, Annie ("Orphan Annie") is now safely residing at Dr. Ramos until she's cleared to fly stateside, most likely to St. Hubert's.

The other four were new additions to the Los Machos clan, including a pregnant momma named Cha-Cha, Nugget (as in "Golden Nugget"), Mouse (he just looks like one) and Bella (a name given to offset the mange, scabs and bites that cover this sweet little soul's body). Unfortunately, my camera was low on battery, but Liz saved the day with her photography skills.

These fortunate babies need sponsors!!! I will be sure to share photos and a more detailed story soon!

Back on a plane, again!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

An update on Blondie, again

Karla, Blondie's rescuer, spoke to Dr. Ramos recently and found out our yellow lab mix was no longer bleeding and that her tumors were almost gone. Therefore, Dr. Ramos' assumptions about her polyps were right on, and things are looking up for this sweet, lovable dog. Dr. Ramos and his crew were going to do one more treatment (3-day duration). She should be in the clear after that. In other good news, there is a potential adopter that Karla's working on...keep your fingers crossed.

I have not received the total damage thus far on Blondie's medical expenses thus far, but considering the extensive medical attention she has received, I can only imagine how much we will need to raise. Any help with Blondie's bills would be so greatly appreciated.

Well, back to Puerto Rico for a few days as of tomorrow, then off on a mini-trip to South Carolina, and then I will be back in action, rescue-style as of May 14. Boy, have I missed my lil' Los Machos satos.

Thanks to all of you for being patient and still reading this blog, even though I've been less attentive than usual. Your support keeps this project going strong!