Sunday, May 25, 2008

Such a small dog, such a large amount of puppies!!

Cha Cha has officially given birth to 10, that's right, 10 little pups. Liz saw them a couple of days ago at Dr. Ramos' and was able to grab some pictures for us. So far, everyone's in the clear. However, it's a bit risky to keep them at the vet's office while they are so young, since they are so susceptible to any ailment that may come through. We don't, unfortunately, have a foster home for them, and Dr. Ramos has agreed to look after them at his clinic.

Cha Cha and her pups do not have a sponsor yet, and we sure could use some financial help these days. Not including the fact that they will have to be boarded at Dr. Ramos' for two months, each pup will need his or her shots, fecal tests and treatment, and all the rest. In sum, they will be quite an expensive bunch. If you feel so inclined, please click the donate button on this blog and contribute what you can.


Liz said...

God Bless You and the work you and all the other volunteers are doing for these helpless animals. My mom was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Over the last 35 years I have visited Puerto Rico over 25 times to spend time with my Grandparents and extended family. Although I have always admired the natural beauty of the island and the ocean, every visit alwayd tore a piece of my heart away. I am an animal lover and seeing the stray dogs roam the streets and nobody seeming to care was a painful sight to me. I still remember crying as a young girl at the sight of a homeless dog laying under a car in the parking lot at the local market/store in the San Juan/Rio Piedras area. Our drives to the beach were no different, as what should have been an enjoyable time, ended up turning into an overwhelming feeling of depression and nausea at seeing skinny, malnourished stray dogs walking along side of the road/beach.
Again, THANK YOU for all that you do. I donated through Pay Pal 100.00. Wish I could do more. God Bless.

Kim said...

The photos of your car stuffed with rescued satos from the beach made me so proud that there are people like you in this world. I have vacationed on the island and have adopted two satos myself. It was easier than I expected...and SO So worth it.
Suerte we found on Boqueron beach and Nina near La Mela beach.
I want to donate every month if I can swing it. The photos of Shanti and Annie are simply adorable. Thank you for your good works...what you do is SOOOO important.

Shanti A. Santulli said...
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