Sunday, May 4, 2008

An update on Blondie, again

Karla, Blondie's rescuer, spoke to Dr. Ramos recently and found out our yellow lab mix was no longer bleeding and that her tumors were almost gone. Therefore, Dr. Ramos' assumptions about her polyps were right on, and things are looking up for this sweet, lovable dog. Dr. Ramos and his crew were going to do one more treatment (3-day duration). She should be in the clear after that. In other good news, there is a potential adopter that Karla's working on...keep your fingers crossed.

I have not received the total damage thus far on Blondie's medical expenses thus far, but considering the extensive medical attention she has received, I can only imagine how much we will need to raise. Any help with Blondie's bills would be so greatly appreciated.

Well, back to Puerto Rico for a few days as of tomorrow, then off on a mini-trip to South Carolina, and then I will be back in action, rescue-style as of May 14. Boy, have I missed my lil' Los Machos satos.

Thanks to all of you for being patient and still reading this blog, even though I've been less attentive than usual. Your support keeps this project going strong!


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