Thursday, May 8, 2008

ADLA-style rescue mission!!!

I am about 10 minutes away from leaving my apartment to go to South Carolina for 5 days, but wanted to give you all a brief summary of yesterday's events.

Liz and I rescued 5 Los Machos satos yesterday on our whirlwind tour of both Dead Dog Beach in Yabucoa and Los Machos Beach in Ceiba. Of those I've blogged before, Annie ("Orphan Annie") is now safely residing at Dr. Ramos until she's cleared to fly stateside, most likely to St. Hubert's.

The other four were new additions to the Los Machos clan, including a pregnant momma named Cha-Cha, Nugget (as in "Golden Nugget"), Mouse (he just looks like one) and Bella (a name given to offset the mange, scabs and bites that cover this sweet little soul's body). Unfortunately, my camera was low on battery, but Liz saved the day with her photography skills.

These fortunate babies need sponsors!!! I will be sure to share photos and a more detailed story soon!

Back on a plane, again!

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