Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Homer's Next Last Chance

Ok, people. Let's rally!

Homer needs our help. Adri has had her hands full, it seems, and Homer has not made the situation any easier. In sum, Homer has attacked and killed two of Adri's small foster dogs. Adri emailed me a couple of days ago and asked me for permission to euthanize him as she tries to iron out issues with setting up her own small animal shelter. Homer's time may be up.

I'm a realistic person. I know we can't save every dog in Puerto Rico, and I know that there was easily a more sociable and adoptable dog to rescue than Homer out at Los Machos the day that he was rescued. So here's even more truth:

Homer cannot live with small dogs, and will likely kill another animal again if pestered/provoked enough. If fostered or adopted, he must be completely rehabilitated and supervised, the only animal of the household, and not allowed with children. While Adri was able to have him for 6 months and rid him of his ailments, her house is not conducive to the kind of rehabilitation a dog like Homer needs. He obviously has territory issues, among others, and needs quality, one-on-one care...always a hard thing to find in the animal rescue world. He has not grown back his full coat of fur, and may not ever fully. This is Homer.

Homer is doll and a half with humans. He loves to love people. Despite his years of abuse on the streets of Puerto Rico, this dog can still trust us. He has been temperamant evaluated and performed very well. He's general demeanor with humans is sweet, submissive, and desparate for love. He's a sweetheart, truly. And that I can remeber first hand from my days at Los Machos Beach with him. He could make someone very happy, I know it. This is also Homer.

Adri says I have two weeks to try to find Homer a safe haven. If I don't, he will be euthanized. Back to the whole honesty thing again...I am not saying that Homer shouldn't be euthanized. I do believe that some animals can be past the point of rehabilitation. However, I am saying that if there were somebody willing to devote the full time and energy it would take to give this dog the quality of life I hoped he would have, Homer's ripe for the picking and should NOT be euthanized. We have put so much into him thus far, so let's take yet another step further and see what we can do.

Thanks for reading,