Thursday, May 15, 2008

We miss you already, Bella

Our little Bella could not battle through her developed case of canine parvovirus. Dr. Ramos let us know earlier today that she had passed. He said she did not seem to show signs of suffering during her last days. Well, she got some lovin' before she died, at least.

Rest in peace, Bella.


amber said...

I'm sorry :(

Anonymous said...

hola mi nombre es rosii yo tengo una bebe sata es mi angel la rescate de la playa y le dio el parvovirus que el doctor donde la lleve me dijo que la ponga a dormir loque yo absolutamente me nege y yo le di a mi bebe fue proteina de soya y alfalfa y multivitmaminico ella hoy es my angel creo que hay alternativas para recuperarlos

andy said...

=( we're sorry to hear that bella didn't make it. We passed along a donation in her memory over the weekend.