Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back in action: 3 satos rescued from Los Machos Beach

On Friday, June 5, Adri and Kathy, of Wag On Inn, gave me the present of all presents...both text messaged me, "We got him!!!"

Him = Homer

Homer is a black lab mix that I've known for some time. He's a long-time Los Machos sato who I first met about two or three months after I started the Los Machos Beach Project in 2008. Homer was/is a scared boy, but with a handfull of hotdogs and a trustworthy, high-pitched, loving voice, he'll sit and let you scratch behind his ears for as long as you are willing. When I first encountered this sato, he had absolutely no hair on his body because of mange and who knows what other types of mites. I began treating with him with Ivomectin as often as I saw him, and improvements began.

I was never able to rescue him, and have had nightmares/dreams about Homer since I returned to San Diego. While Los Machos has always had too many dogs for me to save with the resources we have, Homer was "the one" I've felt guilty for not physically rescuing myself because there was no space, money, or shelter willing to take such a fragile, unsocial, and sick dog. Thanks to Olivia Burris, Homer's first sponsor, and her continued love and hope for this special dog, and, of course, all of our donors who have helped the Los Machos Beach Project pay off our debts, Homer is safely at Dr. Casta's. But this is just the beginning...

Homer, finally safe...but he still needs our help!

Homer has heartworm, anaplasmosis, ehrlichia, entropic eyes, and sarcoptic and demodectic mange. While I am not surprised that Homer has all these health issues, our work has just begun for this darling boy. I am confident that Homer's socialization will be easy. He has a very sweet soul, and will just need some time to learn to trust. The most difficult aspect of Homer's rescue will be, of course, paying his vet bills. Please, be generous for Homer.

And stay tuned...two other satos were rescued with Homer from Los Machos Beach, Clementine and Maritza.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Something HUGE (and black and fuzzy) to write about!!!!


Thanks to his primary sponsor Olivia Burris' support, hope, and love for our Homer, and Adri's willingness to rescue him from the beach, Homer, who has graced the presence of this blog through its existence, is now safely at Dr. Costa's getting treated for everything under the sun. That's right...he's safe, but unfortunately tested positive for heartworm, ehrlichia, anaplasmosis, and all the rest. With our help, he will be just fine.

I will post photos, more information, and how you can help over this weekend. I just had to share the good news the moment I heard it.

With tears in my eyes, I thank all those who helped Homer finally begin his journey into the life he's wanted and deserved for so long. So let's celebrate!!!