Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Four satos need sponsors!!!!

As for our four remaining Los Machos satos that are currently at Dr. Ramos':

Annie is doing great, healthy, silly, and happy, as always.

Nugget (pictured on the left, next to Cha Cha) is still a little sweetheart, and is being treated for ehrlichia. She will be just fine.

Cha Cha is going to pop any day now...keep your fingers crossed for healthy pups!!

Mouse is now being fostered by Nydia Brondo of ADLA. He's a healthy little chunk of love and will be ready for St. Hubert's in the very near future.

As of now, there is no scheduled trip to St. Hubert's. Whenever the next trip is, we're hoping to include Annie, Nugget, Mouse, and Blondie (we do not have results from her biopsy yet). I'll keep you updated. We are still gladly accepting donations for all of our recently rescued satos. Please, donate what you can!!!

Miss Blondie (most likely dumped after her past owner found out she had tumors that needed to be removed from her vagina) is dying to be done with chemotherapy and so ready to go "home," wherever and whenever that may be.
Donations to help pay for her medical expenses would be greatly appreciated!

Very gratefully,

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IQD said...


I admire so much what you do and I can't really cooperate with much money, because my financial situation is not the best at this time.

I wanted to know how old is Cha Cha and how the puppies are doing? Is she still in Puerto Rico?