Thursday, September 11, 2008

The delay in posts

I apologize for not writing for awhile. We have a bunch of upcoming trips for satos including an adoption event in Boston arranged by our lovely Rosina of ADLA, another adoption event coordinated by the Monmouth County SPCA for their big dog walk fundraiser, specifically for "Team Sato," co-arranged by Wag On Inn's Kathy, AND a big shipment of satos going to St. Hubert's on Sept. 26. As if that weren't enough, Colin and I are also shipping ourselves to Orlando on the morning of Sept. 26 along with our sata Boca, where we will commence our 10-day road trip cross-country, stopping along the way to see dearest family and friends on the way to our new, by-the-beach home (we're officially homeowners!!!) in San Diego.

Needless to say, I've been planning many things at once, not leaving me much room for blog-writing. But I'll sqeeze in a bit of an update while I drink my second cup of coffee today.

Sofia, the recently rescued gato from in front of my new apartment in Ocean Park, is doing great. Turns out she was well on her way to having and large litter of kittens when I picked her up, but Dr. Ramos was able to perform the oh-so-important spay and abort procedure since she was not too far along. She is still at Dr. Ramos', though my running buddy Becca has asked to foster her for the rest of Sofia's time on the island. Fine by me!!! Eventually, pending Jackie's approval of course, she will go to St. Hubert's.

Marley, the most recent Los Machos sato Adri and I rescued, began his heartworm treatment on Sept. 2 and is doing very well. Dr. Ramos and his staff says Marley has been a very "chill" and happy dog, though he doesn't seem to be the biggest fan of puppies jumping on him. I guess Marley let out a corrective "grrr" upon being molested by some puplets at the clinic. It's alright, Marley. I know puppies can be a bit much sometimes. If all goes well with Marley's HW recovery, he will be shipped off to New Jersey for the SPCA event in New Jersey, where he will be up for adoption on behalf of "Team Sato."

Well, there's a bit for now. Hopefully it won't be so long until next time!


Christine Bengivegna said...

Hi Shanti!!
Rocco and I are walking with Team Sato at the Monmouth county SPCA walk fundraiser. I am so excited I will get to see Marley there hopefully!!

Christine said...

almost forgot to tell you.....GREAT HOUSE!!! congradulations!