Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Iris and Bambi

Remember our Arecibo rescues Iris, who was so broken and mangled from being hit by a car, and Bambi, an old 5-pounder that has four teeth left? Well, ADLA's Liz has worked some magic with these two and found them both a place to go.

Iris will be going to Chicago with Alicia of Second Chance Rescue sooner than later. Unfortunately, Iris is still quite shy, but it seems in her best interest to send her now and allow her to adjust to the domesticated life in Chicago versus adjusting in San Juan only to be put through the traumatic experience of air travel months after she comes around.

Bambi, on the other hand, is being scooped up by foster mom extraordinaire Adrienne of Wag On Inn. Though details are still being ironed out, Bambi should be flying as a carry-on on next week's flight to Newark on Sept. 26.

As for other Arecibo rescues, though I've been waiting to get pictures before posting the news, Sebastian (six-month-old silver tabby that thought my dog, and anything else for that matter, was his momma, or at least some milk-producing being) was adopted about a month ago by a co-worker of my friend Kate in Chicago. I received a lovely drawing from one of Sebastian's new family member saying that he is "the coolest cat."

Zoey, our orange foster puppy who battled the odds, was also adopted by a co-worker of Kate's at the Veterinary Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove, IL. Needless to say, I've been dying to see how big both of them have become, if Zoey has full coat of fur finally, if Sebastian has gotten over his suckling needs, and all the rest. Rosa, Adri's rescue from Arecibo with the unforgettable underbite, was also adopted in a heartbeat through Wag On Inn.

Today, a woman I have gotten to know quite well via phone, Marlene, is coming over from the small town Utado to ship off her rescued pups Diamonte, Cuba, and Miriam (pictured above as the "Bandana Gang"). They will be shipped up to Boston where ADLA's Rosina will pick them up and shuttle them off into foster care until the ADLA fundraiser she's planned on Sept. 19. Boy, do we need one of those. I know it's getting old to hear about it, but we still need nearly $5000...and it's not like we've stopped rescuing either. Our bill continues to grow. What's scary now is that we will HAVE to stop soon if our bills continue to go unpaid. As generous and patient as Dr. Ramos has been, enough is enough.

My focus this week, to raise $300 for Los Machos Beach's Marley, whose heartworm treatment began on Sept. 2. He has been cleared to go to New Jersey on Sept. 30 for the TEAM SATO walk I've discussed in a previous post. However, he has not even been partially sponsored. Anyone wanna throw this guy a bone, made of money???

Thanks so much everyone,


Liz said...

OK, I'm sending out a check today for $200.00.
Elizabeth Challender
Hainesport, NJ

Shanti A. Santulli said...

That's amazing! Thank you so much! I posted the new info for sending checks for the Los Machos Beach Project on the blog, since I am no longer at the former address listed. Thanks again, Liz!