Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Since all of Colin and my household goods have already been shipped to San Diego, we are currently living in the second bedroom of a friend's apartment in Ocean Park. Outside of our lovely new apartment, I've made a new friend.

I've named her Sofia, after one of our neighbors in our complex who was also feeding her from time to time. Sofia is a rare beauty. The first time I saw her, she pretty much just darted over to me, as if she knew what my area of work has been for the past year. She charmed me with her sweet mew, walked graceful figure eights between my legs, and began to expect me on a daily basis. As soon as I confirmed that she's no one's cat officially, I decided that she was just too gorgeous, sweet, and adoptable for this street life. The truth is there are so many cats in Ocean Park that rescuing each one we see within its half-a-mile radius would not work out so well considering our limited resources. Most of the time, spay/neuter and release is the best option. That being said, there are always exceptions.

Sofia's one beauty blemish: a patch of what seems to me like mange or possibly an old bite wound still in the process of healing.

So, now that Colin and I are officially carless, Liz was kind enough to loan me her ride for the morning so that I could bring Sofia into Dr. Ramos. Boca came along for the ride, for what turned out to be an oh-so-dramatic nail trimming. That's right...our Boca is a drama queen. In her defense, however, it was her first nail trimming. She bled a bit, too...poor baby.

Boca, on the way to Dr. Ramos', very concerned that "her kitty" was yowling in the car. Boca proceeded to stick her tongue between the grating of the kennel door, offering her support as best she could.

Sofia didn't seem to mind Boca at all. In fact, she seemed to provide Sofia some comfort.

So Miss Sofia is now safe, though I'm sure a bit scared and shocked. First we'll get her spayed and vaccinated. Then we'll find her a home or shelter to go to. I am hoping she will be a relatively inexpensive rescue. If all goes according to my master plan for her, her rescue and shipment should only cost around $200.

If you feel so inclined to sponsor Sofia, you'd be making a great investment!!!!

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