Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Zoey AND Sebastian: Off to Chicago!

Yesterday, my nearest and dearest Kate, along with her cousin Paul, took Zoey and Sebastian on a plane ride to Chicago. Both sweet critters traveled as a carry-on. They were both as quiet as can be and had not one accident...what perfect babies.

My darling foster children, keeping each other company in their carrier, on the way to the airport

Kate is confident that she will be able to find homes for both Zoey and Sebastian through her extensive connections in the animal world of the suburbs of Chicago. Lucky for her, they are unbearably cute and shouldn't be hard to adopt out.

Since Zoey and Sebastian left yesterday, our apartment is eerily calm. Boca spent all of last night searching for her "kitty." (While Sebastian was here, I would say, "Where's your kitty, Boca?" She would find Sebastian and look up at me as if to say, "Here he is!") I feel bad for Boca, but I have to admit it is nice to have our apartment back to it's regular population size. Scout, our cat, has come down from on top of the fridge and has willingly reclaimed his territory and his position as overseer of apartment activity.

Scout, reigning from his throne with his fellow watchers

Tomorrow, we have another shipment of animals, 11 total. The shipment will be for Chip, Lulu, Bongo, Kira (a rescue of ADLA's Stewart), and 5 kittens that Liz has been fostering for quite some time. The weather is right on the edge of being too hot, so let's keep our fingers crossed for a successful shipment. Thanks to Denise Karamitsos, who volunteered to pick up our satos and gatos tomorrow night, and Jackie Fahey, director of St. Hubert's, we were able to arrange this prospective shipment without an arranged flight with a flyer. Instead, our furry friends will be flying via Priority Parcel Service of American Airlines.

Once we get these animals to St. Hubert's, we will finally have room for Toby and possibly other Los Machos satos as well.

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