Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shipment success!!!

Some rushed photos of some of the lucky animals that are currently on their way to New Jersey:

Kira, a rescue of ADLA's Stewart


Bongo, whose big ole ears were retracted due to nervousness in this photo

Chip, who is fat and furry now

The itty-bitty kitty of Liz's 5 fostered kitties sent today, doing some yoga in the back of the kennel

A total of nine rescued animals will be sleeping at St. Hubert's tonight. It's a good day. On that note...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COLIN!!!!! (who is currently doing his Coast Guard thing out on the ocean, so celebrating will commence when he returns tomorrow)

('s Liz's birthday tomorrow also!)


Christine said...

Yeah!!! Hopefully you can get back out there soon and rescue some more!!

Happy Birthday Colin & Liz!

Betsy O said...

Yippee, another plane ride!! Heard Annie was adopted that first week she was at St. Huberts!! How is Blondie and when is it her turn? Keep up the great rescue work!