Wednesday, June 18, 2008

URGENT: Need a flyer or donation toward plane ticket

A wonderful woman, Elba, was kind enough to donate her American Airlines miles to ADLA for our flight to St. Hubert's in the beginning of July. Unfortunately, all free Advantage member seats for July to Newark from San Juan are full. Therefore, we are in a bit of a bind. We have between 14 to 17 animals we were planning on sending out in the beginning of July, but currently have no way of getting them to St. Hubert's. If you feel so inclined, please email if you are willing to fly or contribute money for a plane ticket to get these animals to their soon-to-be-future forever homes! As of now, the rate for the flight we need on July 1 to July 3 is around $600. Crazy, I know, but sometimes it's just what we have to do. Please let us know if you can help!!!

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