Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In BVI withdrawal

Colin and I got back from the British Virgin Islands on Sunday, and, well, we are in slight withdrawal of the daily dives, decadence, and dreamscapes we enjoyed while on our neighboring islands. It was the best way I could imagine celebrating a year of marriage. Here are a few of my personal favorite photos from the trip (and then back to sato business, I promise):

Today, Liz and I went to Dr. Ramos to check up on some of our satos and gatos. Everyone is doing well. Cha Cha and her pups are doing great, but will still be living at Dr. Ramos' for about another month before they will be ready to be shipped the U.S. Nugget and Annie are as cute as ever and will be on the next flight we have to St. Hubert's, though I have been speaking with a potential adopter for Annie the past few days...we'll see what happens.

Chip, Bongo, and Lulu are fantastic. The two latter adorable pups were as delightful as ever to see. Chip's mange is improving already, and I think he is slowly growing accustomed to life at Dr. Ramos'. He was a little shaky when he saw me, which broke my heart, but I think Chip in general has a bit of nervous energy in him. Can you blame him considering the life he lived as of only a week ago?

In Blondie-related news, we are going to try one more type of chemotherapy to attempt to remove the tumor that remains in Blondie's vagina that, as Dr. Ramos' staff told me, is unfortunately getting larger. The treatment costs $140, a small price to pay if this finally clears Blondie of her tumors. We still need to acquire the treatment, but will notify you of its outcome as soon as we get word. Anyone feel like sponsoring at least the cost of our last-ditch effort for Blondie? If successful, Blondie will be ready to go...imagine that. She's been living at Dr. Ramos' since April 4 of this year!

We are currently working on getting a trip set up for many of the above dogs as well as others. The more dogs we into forever homes, the more room we have to take in new rescues!!!

And finally, a new temporary addition to the Santulli household as of yesterday:

Annie, relaxing on our patio. She has taken to the "pet" lifestyle quite well. She is surprisingly already potty-trained and took very well to her leash. She makes fostering a sato look way too easy!

And as for those still on Los Machos Beach, it looks like sweet Toby has a home waiting for him in Pennsylvania!!! I will be picking him up next week and will start getting him ready to go!!! Also, in response to inquiries, Homer is still at Los Machos. He has been staying inside a gated area of an apartment complex, where he has been treated quite well (though they do not want another dog as a pet). He is still on my list of satos to rescue, though I am happy to say a few locals have been kind enough to give him some shelter and watch out for him.



olivia said...

thank you for the update on Homer, i was wondering what all needs to be done to sponser his rescue, how much, and where i would send the money to,
thanks again,

Shanti A. Santulli said...

Contact losmachossatos@gmail.com for more details!!!! I'll tell you all about it. Also, look on the sidebar of this blog and there is more information on how to sponsor a sato. Thanks so much for your interest!!! Homer's the best!

Betsy O'Neill said...

Annie looks great!! We have her picture on our classroom wall....and she will be in the local newspaper on Friday!! That is so cool that you are fostering her!! Any updates on the plane flight??