Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mika at STAR in Philadelphia; Alfie ADOPTED!!!

Greetings from California! Sorry it’s been awhile, but I’ll try to make up for it by sharing fantastic news! Though I missed out on the nitty-gritty details, Ginny from Manos por Patas reached out to Mika (100-lb. Neapolitan Mastiff) and set her up with STAR in Philadelphia. This particular rescue has dealt with animals like Mika and was more than willing to work with and on her issues with aggression and protectiveness. Word is that Mika is doing fantastic and may even have a forever home lined up!

I also received an email from Alfie’s forever family in New Jersey. He has been renamed Dexter, which I think is perfect, and is fattening up beautifully.

Here is an excerpt from the email:

Dear Shanti,
We have adopted "Alfie" from the St. Hubert's Dog Shelter, in Madison, NJ. He had your letter with him in his file...

Alfie, now "Dexter," in his momma's lap

We live in the Town of Whippany, New Jersey, USA. We have, as you can see in the picture, a very large fenced in yard. "Alfie" loves to run around and play with our four-year-old Mini Pin. They have not established yet who is in charge. I think "Alfie" will be though. He has put on some weight since we got him and if he could talk he would probably say "Thank You, the beautiful people of "Amigos de Los Animales," for saving my life and sending me to the States. Both he and our family are lucky we found each other.

Thank You,
Barbara & Jim

Now that just gives me all kinds of warm and fuzzies inside.

In other news, I have received some letters (read to me by my husband, Colin, who is holding down the fort in Puerto Rico) recently regarding the disgust toward how animals are treated and the continued neglect of animal welfare in Puerto Rico. First of all, thank you for your concern for the animals of Los Machos Beach as well as the much needed and appreciated donations that keep this project going. If you feel so inclined, I urge you to express your opinions to
Puerto Rico Tourism Company. Given that tourism is considered by many to be the primary fuel to ameliorate Puerto Rico’s no-end-in-sight, self-inflicted economic recession, letters stating that potential visitors will not step foot on the so-called “enchanted” island due to its blatant animal welfare issues are necessary.

And the address:

Terestella Gonzalez Denton
Executive Director
Compañía de Turismo de Puerto Rico
PO Box 4435

San Juan, PR 00902-4435

And then there is always the mayor of Ceiba, that is well aware of the issues in his city with respect to the inhumane treatment and overwhelming presence of stray animals, but has yet to do anything about the need for low-cost spay/neuter clinics, local outreach and education and law enforcement for animal abuse and abandonment. Let's tell him what we think, shall we?

Hon. Gilberto Lex Camacho
Municipio de Ceiba
P.O. Box 224
Ceiba, P.R. 00735-0224

It may not seem like a letter would do much, but for those of you who are not able to help us at the scene of the crime and have asked if there is more you can do, here are a couple of ideas. You may have more of an effect than you think from miles away.

Also, for those of you who knew of the possibility of Colin and I moving from Puerto Rico this summer, I am happy (for the most part) to say that we will not be relocated: The Santulli Los Machos Beach Project rescue missions will continue!

Getting homesick,

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