Saturday, April 12, 2008

Misdiagnosed Blondie

Karla, the angel that rescued Blondie from the streets of Condado, called me today to give me an update. As I mentioned last post, Blondie was still bleeding. Dr. Ramos became concerned that something else was going on, so he decided to do a vaginal exam on her. Turns out, his initial diagnosis was wrong; Blondie was not rat poisoned. Instead, Dr. Ramos found several garbanzo-bean-sized polyps (tumors) in her vagina. Considering where they are inside her, a biopsy would be tricky. In his medical opinion, he does not think they are carcinogenic, but instead viral (i.e. HPV), and will therefore treat her accordingly with something similar to chemotherapy that will chemically remove the growths, minus the hair loss, lethargy and other associated side effects. At worst, Blondie may experience some nausea and diarrhea, but if the treatment is successful, she will be free and clear within 7 days. If she is not, Blondie may indeed have carcinogenic tumors, and we will have to make some more difficult decisions.

So let's be hopeful. And on that note, here's our Dakota, still livin' the life in Massachusetts and hogging the couch, or car seat in this case.

Renita and Dakota, getting along pretty well it would seem...though it looks like Dakota's getting the better end of the deal in this shot.

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