Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The waiting game...Dakota in surgery

Well, Colin and I dropped Dakota off for surgery this morning...she was giddy when she first saw us at Dr. Ramos', but wasn't too happy when she went straight to the surgeon's office, whining and pacing a bit...Can you blame her?

An anxious Dakota, "leeching" to my leg at all times

The surgeon said, due to the lack of staff today, she will get to Dakota's surgery today as long as the circumstances allow at her clinic. If not today, tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled for a new post here...news is soon to come. We are still about $500 short of the full cost of Dakota's total vet bills, so if anyone still feels like pitching in for "Operation: Give Dakota Another Shot," contributions are still needed.

On another note, some great news has come in, though I was too occupied with Dakota's situation to mention it. We have a home for one of our darling Los Machos satos, Rocco. I am going to pick him up from Ceiba tomorrow morning, bring him to Dr. Ramos', get him his necessary shots, etc., board him for a couple of weeks and then off he goes to his new forever home. I promise you more details in the next couple of days...for now, here's Rocco with his remarkable ears.

Rocco will be rescued from Los Machos tomorrow and will soon be going to his new forever home!


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