Sunday, February 8, 2009

Status and Hope: Los Machos Beach Project 2009

Hello, my loyal readers.

I have recently received a few comments/emails regarding the status of the Los Machos Beach Project. I am equally as concerned and curious as you are, believe me. The fact of the matter is that without a person in Puerto Rico willing to dedicate himself or herself to rescuing satos of Los Machos Beach, it's difficult to continue this project. There are thousands of animals in Puerto Rico, and those individuals and groups who continue to rescue are never without a dull moment. Rescuing is constant...but not necessarily at Los Machos Beach.

Blondie with her new family in Puerto Rico!!! Thanks to ADLA's Adri, Blondie finally found her perfect home!

However, I'm not giving up quite yet. The good news, that I've heard through the grapevine, is that Margie, a Ceiba local, continues to feed and check on the animals at Los Machos Beach regularly. Supposedly she is getting funding and other means of help from Island Dog's Katie Block. I have tried to get information regarding their efforts out there, but have received no responses. To get a bit personal here, I am frustrated to have so little control over something that so recently was my life...and seeing Boca every day will never allow me to forget that place and those less fortunate satos that still need a home like Boca's.

Colin and Boca on Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, CA. Boca loves tidepools...and Colin.

I will work harder on finding out if any dogs have been rescued from Los Machos Beach since I left, but I want to focus on moving forward from here. On that note, guess what project only has $200 in debt left to pay at Dr. Ramos' office??? That would this project. Finally, we are approaching the end of what seemed to be the never-ending debt from our past-rescued satos. ADLA has picked away at the Los Machos Beach Project debt since I left, and the light at the end of the tunnel is bright.

Dakota - once a Los Machos sata, now a chicken.

What's next? Well, a go-getter, high-school senior is doing her part to raise money to save a Los Machos Beach Sato. Caitlin of Shepaug Middle School in Washington, Connecticut has been fundraising for the Los Machos satos for her senior project. The last update I received on her progress indicates that her efforts will not only clear our vet bill, but will also allow us to rescue the first Los Machos sato of 2009!!!

So there's a mini update. I hope to have more good news sooner than later!


Christine said...

so good to hear from you again Shanti!! We missed you.

Shanti A. Santulli said...

I know!! I missed you guys, too!

Anonymous said...

i live in rockford , Illinois USA and last week i adopted a puppy named oscar from the island dog inc. he is loved and very happy he is the perfect new addition to our family. thank you and everyone who helped make it possible for me to give such a wonderful dog a loving home for the rest of his life!! i litterally get tears in my eyes and heart when i think of him not being here and ever having been just a poor lonely dog living on a beach with no one!! now he has a mommy a daddy and plenty of friends!!! i hope knowing this helps you settle your thoughts as to how well island dogs inc is doing and that you now know they are doing a great job!!! my email is