Wednesday, July 9, 2008

An opportunity to rescue 14 puppies at the Arecibo Shelter

If you have not yet read of our visit this past Sunday to the Arecibo Municipal Animal Shelter, please scroll down to my last post to get the scoop.

For those of you that have, we now have a golden opportunity to rescue the 14 remaining puppies at the Arecibo Shelter. Basically, Gloria from Save A Sato has agreed to board them for the bargain price of $1000. If that seems like a lot, trust's truly not. As you may already know, we have no space right now at Dr. Ramos' for our rescues, or our own apartments for that matter. So we would really like to jump on this as soon as possible.

As for our already rescued warriors, all four are pushing through. Currently, Colin and I have Bambi and Iris until this afternoon. They will be going back to Dr. Ramos' where Bambi will soon have her infected tooth extracted and Iris will have her front leg amputated. Zoey is going to stay at Liz's until Colin and I return from California (oh ya, I'm leaving for CA tomorrow...coming back on Tuesday), and Rosa is living in Adri's bathroom. Zoey and Rosa are both showing signs of improvement.

Photos: (1) Four puppies who are still at the Arecibo Shelter (2) Bambi (3) Iris and her terrible injuries...painful to see, I know.

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