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Arecibo Shelter rescues: on death's door

This past Sunday (July 6, 2008), Liz, Efren (Liz's main squeeze), Adri, Colin and I all went to the Arecibo Municipal Shelter (in Spanish, Albergue de los Animales Municipio de Arecibo). Thanks to donations from Mayra Gardon Stella, Denise Karamitsos, Christina Beckles, Jenna & Jeffrey Massey, Janine Coppola, and Tina Strobel, we arrived at the shelter with enough DHLPP and Bordetella vaccinations, Drontal Plus, as well as other goodies for all the animals at the shelter. Several other volunteers came to help as well along with the staff vet tech, Jose, and the director of the shelter. We were a well-oiled machine (well, at least after the first hour of getting into the groove), backed in spirit by our gracious donors and supporters.

There were a lot of the same faces at the shelter that we saw during our last visit, as well as some new ones. Several dogs have also been adopted in the past week or two. In fact, two puppies were picked up by a couple while we were onsite. We popped on a couple of our recently donated collars (Thanks, Betsy!!), and they were on their way to a better life...hopefully.
At the end of the day, there were too many dogs to rescue from the shelter, but four we could not leave without. I feel the best way I can tell you about our day yesterday is through the few pictures I had time to take. Enjoy...but for my fellow weepers, get the tissues out now!

A gang of shelter dogs greeted us with alert ears and curious eyes upon our arrival.

A sweet puplet who we caught outside of her fenced-in kennel. She smelt of urine. Jose said she was blind.

Four puppies taking a nap. When we arrived, very few dogs had any food in their bowls and had not been fed that day. With donation money, Colin ran out an bought 200 lbs. of dog food and extra bowls.

Here are the sad photos of those we felt we had to at least attempt to save while vaccinating and deworming approximately 80 animals at the Arecibo Municipal Shelter yesterday.

Adri fell in love with this girl who she named, Rosa. As we found out just yesterday from Dr. Ramos, Rosa has pneumonia, ehrlichiosis, and a very high white blood short, she's very sick.

Iris got out of her kennel at the Arecibo Shelter and was hit by a car. Her front leg is practically dangling from her body and her back leg isn't in much better shape. Liz and Efren kept her overnight on Sunday. Dr. Ramos plans to amputate her front leg later this week. Needless to say, she will need a lot of rehab.

Iris' front leg, yellow from the antibacterial spray Jose had applied earlier that day. She's was/is the saddest sight, poor girl.

Iris' back leg...none of these pictures do her injuries justice.

We found this pup amidst 5 other puppies in a kennel. Her legs were inflamed, and she had a terrible cough. Liz and Efren put her aside in on of our mobile kennels until the end of the day. She stayed with Colin and I on Sunday night and is now at Dr. Ramos'. She has been diagnosed with either kennel cough or influenza (possibly both). Her extreme respiratory condition is what caused the inflammation on her legs. Dr. Ramos is concerned that with her infection, septicemia (blood poisoning, often fatal) could become an issue.

At some point in the night at our apartment, the at-that-point unnamed pup's legs both became so swollen that they began to puss and bleed significantly.

We cleaned her up a bit and wrapped the back of her joints, the origin of the blood, with some cloth.Colin and I decided to name her Zoey (Origin:Greek...Meaning: LIFE)...she has to stand a chance with a name like that (right, Jamie?!?!)!!! Here she is, tending to her enlarged legs.

Admist the sadness and hope that she would be okay, we were enamored with how cute Zoey looked with her '80s-reminiscent leg warmers. Actually, we were just enamored with her, period.

Bambi is an old momma that caught Liz's eye. Based on Dr. Ramos' initial assessment of her health, she has to have a tooth extracted, the few remaining teeth she has are in disparate need of a dental, and, again, she is an old soul. She also was hit by a car, or something of the like, at some point in her past. Though her broken bones have healed, she cannot walk very well.

I am leaving for Dr. Ramos' now to pick up Iris, Zoey, and Bambi. Adri will be picking up Rosa later this afternoon. We will do all we can to help these animals. These animals are all exceptionally sick and/or in need of extensive veterinary attention. Please help us save these four Arecibo rescues. Let us know if you are interested in sponsoring (even partially) or adopting Iris, Rosa, Zoey, or Bambi. We will be glad to take care of them on this side until they are ready.

I'll write more later,

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