Sunday, March 16, 2008

Reaching out to a sata in need

I received this email late last night from Keishya, another dedicated rescuer here in Puerto Rico. Emails about a dog or cat with this problem and that situation flood my inbox daily, and I help when I can. But for whatever reason, this particular email from Keishya made me especially concerned.

An excerpt from Keishya's email:

Hello All,

Well, you all know how this is around here... Just minding our own business, walking our own adopted satos together in the late morning.

At the end of the trail right on the beach was this sato Girl and her picture says it all.

She is 47 pounds and about 3-3 1/2 years old. She was definitely a dump and not feral. When we first saw her laying on the ground down at the beach, it was hard to see if the huge lump in her lower abdomen was a stillbirth or an ulcerated tumor. It is a tumor for sure, and it is bleeding, etc. Not a pretty sight by any means, but this Girl is a really sweet one. I coaxed her back to my home and fed her and then went to put a collar on her. She just let me and when I put a leash on her to get into my car, she was docile and submissive. Into the car she went with barely any persuasion...argh...someone dumped this one. We went to Dr. Reyes and he evaluated her. Amazingly, she is negative for all...except the huge tumor.

I am hoping some of you can pass this plea along...and I will be sending more details the moment I am completely pooped...but just look at her.

So anyway, let me know if you or anyone you may know can help out with this case and or any adoption options. Her temperament upon initial time spent is really good. Not shy or scared.

Thanks for listening and any reply welcome.


four paws at a time

Please email Keishya at to find out how you can help this heart-breaking rescue.

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Anonymous said...

hi i was wondering if there was any sort of update on what happened to this poor girl
thanks and keep up the great work your a God send to the animals!