Friday, February 29, 2008

Plans for Tuesday

So it's been a little while, but we've been keeping busy...

A quick update for now, I will be going out to Los Machos this coming Tuesday to pick up the following sweethearts (almost definitely these two):

This is Gage, a beautiful black lab mix that constantly greets us with you can see, he likes tummy rubs.

And our dear lil' Riley, a long-time resident of Los Machos

Though we currently do not have the funding to rescue more dogs, nor do we have the funding to pay off the remaining balance of Dakota and Chalupa's vet fees, I've decided that I'm not letting a shipment at the end of March to St. Hubert's pass us by considering there are 100% adoptable dogs waiting to be rescued, currently scraping by in Ceiba. With the support of our wonderful donors, I am confident that we will eventually break even. Also, I found out from a Ceiba local who has been holding onto Riley that she is pregnant as of scooping her up sooner than later is the best thing for all involved I think.

As for Dakota, Dr. Ramos told me Friday that she is fantastic and eating everything they give her. Chalupa has had her initial treatment for heartworm and is living in the same run as Rocco, who will be shipped to his new home in New Jersey on March 7 (weather pending).

I promise to have my camera fully charged and, most importantly, with me when I pick up Gage and Riley and visit Dakota, Chalupa and Rocco at Dr. Ramos' on my Tuesday Los Machos/vet rounds.

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