Saturday, February 23, 2008

A new goal for the end of March

This morning, I picked up Dakota from the Veterinary Specialty Hospital and took her back to Dr. Ramos' where she will stay at least until her sutures are removed on March 3. I'm sorry to say I forgot my digital camera and had only a spare disposable one in my car. I will eventually get the photos developed, though for now you will just have to imagine how much better Dakota's spirit was. She was elated to see me, as usual, though in general she seemed...just better. She even did a couple in-place dance moves/jumps and held her head higher. It was AWESOME to see her.

As for promised surgery details, there was one minor complication during the procedure. Dakota's liver was basically stuck
through the hernia's orifice within the hernial sac (I admit that I could be explaining this inaccurately, but it's at least an approximation of what I gathered from the surgeon's explanation). Dr. Quinones had to make an incision in order to "retrieve" the liver in tact. Dakota is on special food and medicine to maintain healthy liver function, as well as antibiotics and pain killers. She still has some respiratory issues, some sneezing and mucous, but she's in good hands now and ready to eat. What a relief...right? The total cost of the surgical procedure totaled $1570.86. Including checks promised to me that I have not received yet, we have raised $1300 for Dakota...not bad at all. Dakota is so lucky to have those people who have already donated for her surgery and better life! However, after all is said and done, considering her prescription food, hospitalization/boarding costs, remaining balance for her surgery and subsequent check-ups, I am still hoping to raise at least $700 for her.

Chalupa's heartworm treatments have begun, and she most likely will have to be boarded or fostered for 6 to 8 weeks before we place her in a home. Rocco is great and may be neutered before being shipped to his new home in New Jersey.

So we have 3 happy dogs in good care, and I wish I was satisfied with that (not meaning to sound ungrateful). We have an upcoming shipment of dogs for St. Hubert's on March 28, and I think that on top of funds needed to pay for Dakota and Chalupa's medical expenses that we can also raise enough for two or three more satos to be rescued before the shipment date. The truth is I am nervous right now...on my last visit to Los Machos to rescue Chalupa and Rocco, I did not see the dogs I usually see. I have no answers as to why they weren't there or where else they would be, but it does make me anxious to expedite our rescue efforts at Los Machos. We have found a foster home for the three or so soon-to-be-rescued satos, but, not to sound like a broken record, we need sponsors.

Satos in need of sponsors/adopters - YouTube Video

Another issue that I have not mentioned yet is that I will be leaving Puerto Rico during the month of April for work. In my pre-Puerto Rico life, I worked as a Biologist for an environmental firm in San Diego (B.S. in Biology/Ecology from Loyola University Chicago and an M.S. in Environmental Biology from UCLA). While still technically employed by this firm, they have offered to fly me out to Southern California so that I may aid in a huge field project. Frankly, I miss my work and have had issues finding biology-related work in Puerto Rico. I love biology. So, I accepted the offer and am very much looking forward to getting dirty in the field again, conducting rare plant and animal surveys and seeing my fellow bio-nerds. I will be back, just keeping myself "tuned up" in my expertise. That being said, I have even more reason to want to rescue more dogs from Los Machos before I leave during April.

I will be visiting Los Machos next week to take more pictures and assess the situation out there. Stay tuned for more details...

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