Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dakota, hospitalized again...pobre chica

Dakota, days after her rescue and days before falling terribly ill. She's not out of the woods yet...
Photo by Liz Kracht

Well, after 5 days of keeping Dakota with us, she unfortunately is not much better than she was the first time we hospitalized her. She barely eats, sleeps 20 hours a day or so, seems sad (not characteristic of her at all) and lacks motivation to do pretty much anything. It's been breaking Colin and my hearts, though she gets up whenever she sees us and wags her tail Dakota-style (reminiscent of a propeller's circular motion) to show she is still all love.

I couldn't stand waiting to see if she'd get better with a few more days since she still has prominent signs of some sort of illness the vet has not been able to peg (a flu, possibly?) off the Dr. Ramos' we went this morning. I brought a fecal sample and let the doctor know everything I did about her condition. He said he would do some X-rays on her chest and head to make sure there isn't something more complicated going on, look at her stool again and keep her hospitalized until we have clearer answer as to how we can make her better.

Dakota is an absolute angel and deserves all the medical treatment she needs to get better. This is where I have to ask those who are able to donate whatever you can to Amigos de los Animales and the Los Machos Beach Project to help Dakota get back on her feet again. Even $10 would help....anything. Jamie Sherr, Cisco's sponsor, was kind enough to pass on the remaining funds of her donation intended for Cisco's rescue toward Dakota's first hospitalization (Thanks, Jamie!!). Unfortunately, we do not have funds right now to cover the cost of her second stay at the vet's. This is not to say we won't find a way...just that some help would be immensely appreciated, as it always is.

I'm just looking forward to the next time I see Dakota doing her thing and being spunky: running in figure eights in a grass field until her point of exhaustion, when she proceeds to walk her figure eights and then plop dramatically into the grass, feet in the air, tongue seemingly a foot long dangling from her mouth with what looks like a giant smile on her face. Watching Dakota play is a priceless experience.

A pre-rescue picture of Dakota, playing with fellow Los Machos sata, Riley

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