Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seeking donations for Mika

Mika is a Napoleon Mastiff, around 2 years old, currently being fostered by Melodie Rios, my partner in crime for the Los Machos Beach Project. It seems as though the original plan for shipping Mika to her new home upstate New York maybe falling loose, due to monetary constraints of the sponsor. However, if we can get together some donations for our beloved, 100 lb., gorgeous beauty, she can be shipped out in the next week or two.

Mika, a ~100 lb. Napoleon Mastiff who I've claimed as my favorite of Melodie's "pack," has a home waiting for her in upstate New York. However, her sponsor lacks the funds to ship her...can you help?

Mika was rescued as misunderstood, protective dog who wasn't successful on the streets due to her intimidating size. Melodie decided to foster her when she was notified that she was to be euthanized for being aggressive towards a government official. She is a special dog and has been through enough for being only two years old. She may have been considered "scary" when she first entered Melodie's life, but you wouldn't be able to tell now. In the safe environment she has been in for the past few months, she has grown into a silly, playful and loyal dog. What she needs a solid, understanding home where she will never see a raised hand of abuse...and Melodie found such a home. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.


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