Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rumor of poisoning

On Thursday night, a Ceiba local had heard through the grapevine that our Los Machos satos were in danger of being poisoned. By whom? Not clear. How was this rumor started? Also not clear. Our Ceiba animal family kept their eyes and ears open that night, while I tossed and turned an hour away in San Juan. First thing the next morning, I started calling around to check the status of the satos. Finally, Maria Garcia, also a Ceiba local, was kind enough to inform me the usuals were accounted for and that no suspicious-looking piles of food were found lying around. Whether or not the rumor was legit and just not carried out isn't worth questioning. It would not be surprising if it were true, as it wouldn't be the first time. So far to my knowledge of the last couple years, several small-scale poisonings (killing from two to 10 or so dogs) have occurred on and near Los Machos Beach. At any given point, someone or some people may decide they've had it with the satos roaming "their" streets...poisoning seems to be the preferred method of decreasing dog numbers.

Just a week or so ago, Melodie was approached by a farmer that tends to the grazing animals about a quarter of a mile away from the beach. He told her that a pack of satos took out one of his calves recently. This in NOT good. Melodie hopes she convinced him that we would like to work with him to remove these dogs from the area and therefore keep his herd safe...he acted as though he would be willing to cooperate. I would love if it were that simple, but am cursed with being realistic and slightly paranoid. Obviously I cannot assume that the rumor of a mass poisoning and the irate farmer are linked.

Regardless, I feel that the heat is on.
Oh that saying..."you can't save them all." It's been haunting me a bit lately. Moving a couple dogs every two weeks or so will not suffice if talk of mass poisonings are floating around. We are throwing around the idea of buying or renting some land near Los Machos to create a shelter. Our eyes are open for any reasonably priced land. In theory, this could work...a safe haven near Los Machos where we can temporarily place and keep an eye on the satos. In reality, however, would confining these dogs to an area simply make it easier to "exterminate" them? Discussions are in progress about the prospective shelter and how we can raise the funds for it if we decide to commence the project. Next on our list, however (aside from taking a dog off the beach every now and again), is organizing a spay/neuter event for Los Machos Beach...we'll keep you posted.


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Melodie said...

We're still don't have any evidence of poisoning this week, but these things do happen all too often. We'll keep you posted.