Monday, October 13, 2008

Moving, computer crash, working, and such

All in that order...Colin and my move back to California began on September 26. We flew into Orlando, picked up our car nearby the airport, and started our trek cross-country. Two days into the trip, our beloved computer crashed on us, leaving me virtually inaccessible. I am still a bit hard to reach via email, as our internet is not technically hooked up yet, but I have started work (as of today), so at least I have a computer there. I apologize to all of you who have been waiting patiently (at least I hope!) for a response to your emails. I should be easier to access from now on.

We arrived in San Diego on October 6, and we are both completely enamored with the sunset we can watch from our home's balcony.

I will be much more regular with posts/updates within a week or two, but desperately need to get settled into our house, job, and all the rest that comes with moving ~3000 miles before I can be the blogger I once was.

As of now, no new dogs have been rescued from Los Machos Beach, as we are still paying our bills. However, things are looking up, as we now are only about $700 in debt. It's just so much easier to swallow than a couple thousand, isn't it.

I'm already missing the satos desparately, though looking at our Los Machos-rescued sata Boca everyday won't allow me to forget them and the fact that those wonderful dogs need to be in the same boat Boca is...that is the truly loved, well-fed, and frisbee-playing boat.


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Betsy O'Neill said...

Glad to hear you made it back safely. I'm sure it must be very hard not being with and near the satos. Think positive!!