Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blondie in foster care and other good news!

While we are still financially struggling, only having received $250 recently (though so much appreciated) in donations toward our vet-bill debt, I remain hopeful that our efforts will eventually make some funding appear. Now would be a good time to have money start growing on trees.

On to the happiest of topics, Adri has been working with me to find a place for Blondie to go, since for whatever reason we have been unable to find an adopter for this blonde piece of perfection. Blondie is finally out of her kennel at Dr. Ramos'. Until we find her a place to go, she will be staying at Adri's house in foster care. She's doing very well there. Adri is about to leave for the U.S. until mid-September, and Blondie may not be going anywhere until then. However, at least she is playing with other dogs now and getting A LOT more excercise!
In other great news, it looks like Liz has lined up a spot for Iris with a woman who fosters dogs for Second Chance Rescue in Illinois. Iris may still need more recovery time in Puerto Rico, as her front leg was never amputed but is still healing. This leg is not going to be functional, but based on his professional opinion, Dr. Ramos decided she could keep her front leg. A foster situation will be great for Iris, as she is still quite nervous around humans and needs socialization before being adopted.

In even more great news (it's been a nifty week, eh?), our newly rescued Marley was recently featured in a Boston paper, North End News! Fellow ADLA rockstar Rosina arranged the whole thing and asked for a bio of any dog we thought might need a boost in his/her adoption possibilities. Here's what we came up with for him:

*Marley* is a one-year-old, border-collie mix Amigos de los Animales recently rescued him from Los Machos Beach in Ceiba, Puerto Rico. Los Machos Beach is a regular dumping ground for unwanted dogs and is known for mass poisonings and beatings of the abandoned animals who have no choice but to live there. *Marley* was a long-time resident of Los Machos Beach. (If you would like to read more about the Los Machos Beach Project, please visit www.losmachossatos.blogspot.com. Unfortunately, it was witnessed that during his time on the beach, large rocks were thrown at him, he was hit and kicked by a group of teenage boys and was intentionally hit by a car. Despite his experiences, *Marley* is undeniably trusting and loving. His favorite activities include following people around and being scratched behind his ears. He is approximately 45 lbs. and is currently undergoing heartworm treatment. He has already been neutered and vaccinated . He has not shown any signs of aggression and enjoys the company of other dogs. In sum, Marley is an amazing dog. Marley is desperately seeking a sponsor and/or adopter. Once he is given a clean bill of health, he finally will have the chance for a happy, healthy life filled with love he so greatly deserves.

No bites yet from Marley's media debut, but we'll see what happens. I do think Marley is an excellent candidate for St. Hubert's, so he will be all set either way.

Remember Cha Cha and her little cuties? Well Cha Cha has officially become the pet of one of Dr. Ramos' staff members, Ivania. She just couldn't let her go, and I don't blame her. As for Cha Cha's puppies, at least the three that remained after four were adopted out by Dr. Ramos' staff and two died, check out these pics below:

One of Cha Cha's puppies, now named "Danger," in his new home Asbury Park, New Jersey. Danger was adopted out through Wag On Inn, our trusted foster-care-based rescue group in New Jersey.

Danger now has a partner-in-crime, Dakota.

So, despite our financial stress, things aren't so bad in ADLA rescue world. Please keep the donations coming if possible. We'll continue to do our best to keep these animals healthy and happy.

Muchas gracias,


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