Friday, August 8, 2008

30 satos cause Arecibo school to shutdown

On Wednesday, 30 stray dogs decided to grace an Arecibo elementary school with their presence, causing the school grounds to be closed. There are rumored reports that one of the so-called "wild" dogs, supposedly a pit bull, lunged at a student only to be stopped by a group of school employees.

People at the school are complaining that it took much too long for the govement to seize the animals, but eventually all dogs were loaded into trusks, some unventilated, and off to, you'll never guess it, the Arecibo Municipal Shelter. And no, it isn't even open yet. So not only does Jose and the rest of the crew at the Arecibo shelter have enough animals to take care of that have been dumped over the past number of weeks, they now also have 30 more goverment-dumped animals to deal with without any finacial support from said government.

This again validates that Law 67 in Puerto Rico is an absolute joke. How can a law be effective if even the government of Puerto Rico has been proven to break this law continuously, like in this case not even providing basic necessities such as FOOD to this shelter?


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