Sunday, June 29, 2008

Are you my mommy?

Sebastian, rescued from the Arecibo Municipal Shelter a few days ago, is a special kitty. Not only did he purr throughout the entirety of his vet exam (yes, even when he got the thermometer up the butt), he also thinks dogs are friends...even more, Sebastian thinks Boca, my sata, is his mommy.

Sebastian, looking for "momma's milk"...lost cause, buddy.

Dog/Cat Nap

Boca and Sebastian have become partners in crime. Throughout the day, I find myself distracted by their incessant playing. My personal favorite is when Sebastian hurls himself onto Boca's hind leg, latches on with his claws, and Boca proceeds to walk around our apartment with her personal terrestrial remora "suckered" onto her. Also, Sebastian's new favorite toy is Boca's tail. They are ridiculously sweet together.

Sebastian does not have a sponsor and, even better, would love to find a forever home...though those who have met him know that won't be too hard. He's a darling cat that got another, well-deserved chance at life.


Betsy O'Neill said...

How cute! I think Boca needs a new sister!! Although, Boca has that "what the heck are you doing" look!! How old is Sebastian?

Shanti A. Santulli said...

Probably around 5 months or so...obviously weened a bit early, eh?