Sunday, April 6, 2008

More on Riley's pups, compliments of Liz

Call me lazy, but I'm not sure I could explain what happened to Riley's puppies better than Liz has anyway. If you would like more details on Riley's brood's saga, check out this post on Elizabeth Kracht's, ADLA rockstar/leader/diva, blog.

Canine Herpes Virus & Riley's Pupsicles R.I.P.

The truth is, I am feeling extremely lazy right now: more like exhausted. I arrived in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon, said a quick hello to dearly missed friends and am now in Barstow, a desert town two hours northeast of LA. Tomorrow begins my swan dive back into field biology, my professional life before Puerto Rico and ADLA. My coworkers have warned me to expect 60-hour work weeks, and possible weekend work as well. So for my regular Los Machos Satos' Blog readers, while I will not slack on keeping you abreast of pertinent sato news, I apologize in advance if my posts are written with eyes half open over the next month.

Well, wish me luck...hopefully I didn't forget how to be a biologist.

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