Thursday, April 3, 2008

2 puppies remain

I've sat here for a bit, trying to figure out what the best title for this post would be. There's just no easy way to say it. As of now, only 2 of Riley's seven pups are still alive. Something has swept over the litter. We'll find out more soon, but for now all I know is that the vet in Cabo Rojo is suggesting putting the other two pups down as well. It would be hard and exhausting to think of all the reasons why Riley's brood is failing to survive unless we have the vet do a toxicology screen on one of the 2-week-old pups. So we are planning on doing just that. We're waiting to get more information before making the decision to put the two fighters to sleep, and I'll keep you posted. After Nena died days ago, I really thought the rest of the puppies would be alright...or at least I hoped.

With no easy way to change the subject, the shipment was successful yesterday...well, depending on who you talk to. Chalupa might argue since she was not cleared to fly again. Poor little girl, she still has symptoms of influenza or something like that. I think she's coming down with the "get me out of this cage" virus, and I'm going to do everything I can to help her. I'm looking for a foster home for her, but even more, trying to arrange a shipment for her and Riley for Friday or Saturday of next week to St. Hubert's. Jamie Sherr, our trusted volunteer in New Jersey, has offered to pick these two Los Machos Satas from Newark, keep them over night for one night, and take them to St. Hubert's the next day. Well, hopefully I can take Jamie up on her fantastic offer! On the Puerto Rican side, my main squeeze, Colin, will do whatever it takes while I'm gone to get Chalupa and Riley on their way. I am a lucky girl.

The only Los Machos sato to leave yesterday was Gage, who was as sweet as can be through the entire process. He would go in and out of the kennel very willingly, and whenever he was inside his kennel, peacefully slept or just rested waiting to do whatever we asked him to do next. I really hope to hear from his future adopter...he's a special boy.

More soon,

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