Monday, March 24, 2008


Patty, Dakota's new mom, entitled this emailed photo "Shanti's fault." Why? Because I convinced my husband that Dakota should be allowed to do anything she wanted while staying with us, including hogging the couch. Sorry, Patty!

Lovin' the sun, as cute as ever

Thanks for the photos, Patty!!!!

As for today's Los Machos and vet visit, I have a bunch of new photos that I need to upload in the next couple of days, and Riley and Alfie are at Dr. Ramos'. I do not have a final verdict for both of their conditions yet, but will post the news as soon as we find out. Riley tested negative for all parasites, and Dr. Ramos seems to think her puppies are "sucking the life out of her," that such a small dog can be so drained by having seven pups. She will be at Dr. Ramos' until she is eating regularly again; meanwhile, the puppies will have to be fed formula.

If you haven't seen other recently taken photos, as well as the soon-to-come photos from today, of the Los Machos satos, check 'em out:
Los Machos Satos Flickr Page

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